Dota Hero Tutorials: Ursa Warrior

A guide on how to play the overpowered hero.

Pros and Cons in using Ursa Warrior


Effective throughout the game

Skills synergize perfectly

Great farmer

Can kill Roshan early in the game

Good ganker

Agility hero but Strength is significantly higher


Ursa is the target of enemies most of the time

Mana shortage in the early game

Skill dependent


Earthshock – Ursa Warrior will slam the ground dealing damage to enemies and slowing their movement speed.

Overpower - The best skill of Ursa. It grants Ursa Warrior 400% increased attack speed for a short period of time.

Fury Swipes - This skill synergize well with Overpower. Every time you attack you deal greater damage to your target. This is an orb effect.

Enrage - Increases Ursa’s damage based on its current health.

Skill Build

1. Fury Swipes

2. Overpower

3. Overpower

4. Earthshock

5. Overpower

6. Enrage

7. Fury Swipes

8. Overpower

9. Earthshock

10. Fury Swipes

11. Enrage

12. Fury Swipes

13. Earthshock

14. Earthshock

15. Stats

16. Enrage

17. Stats

18. Stats

19. Stats

20. Stats

21. Stats

22. Stats

23. Stats

24. Stats

25. Stats

Suggested Items

Power Treads or Phase Boots – Any of these boots is good for Ursa. Purchase Power Treads if you want to increase Ursa’s attack speed by 25 and a selected attribute by 8. You can purchase Phase Boots if you want to increase Ursa’s damage by 24.

Vladmir’s Offering - Because of Ursa’s great damage and insane attack speed, this item is perfect for Ursa. It will give Ursa and his allies 16% Lifesteal (melee only), 15% damage, 5 Armor and 0.8 mana regeneration.

Vanguard - This is the item Ursa needs the most. This is a great help to increase your damage while Enrage is activated. Vanguard will give you 275 HP, 6 HP regen per second, and 70% chance to block 40 attack damage.

Battlefury – This will give you significant damage and greater farming abilty. This gives you 65 damage, 6 HP regen per second, 150% mana regen and Cleave. The Cleave splash 35% of your damage to nearby enemies in 225 AoE.

Lothar’s Edge - Gives you 38 Damage and 10 Attack Speed. It will also give you the Wind Walk ability. Upon activation, you will become invisible and move 20% faster. The invisibility will expire after 9 seconds or after you attack. If the invisibility has expired because of an attack, you will deal 125 more damage. This item is perfect if you want to surprise your enemies.

The Butterfly – Gives you 30 Agility, 30 Damage, 30% Evasion and 30% increased attack speed. This item is great for Agility heroes like Ursa.

Heart of Tarrasque - Gives 40 Strength, 300 HP, and 2% HP regen per second. The best item to increase your damage while Enraged.

Perfect Allies

Omniknight -  His repel can prevent you from getting disabled at battles. His heal will also improve your damage once your last skill is activated. Make sure that your ally (Omniknight) casts repel before you activate Overpower and Enrage because repel will remove them.

Shadow Shaman - His disables (Voodoo and Shackles) will make it easier for you to gank enemies.

Worst Enemies

Chaos Knight - You should fear his stun and damage. His illusions are the strongest in the game. He can kill you instantly even if you have a lot of HP because of his great damage and critical.

Mortred - Your Overpower will be wasted if Mortred is your enemy. She can dodge your attacks easily making you and your skills useless. If you want to counter this hero, Monkey King Bar is a good item for it gives you True Strike (you will not miss on your attacks).

Centaur Warchief – No matter how great the damage you deals, your attacks will just return to you. Centaur is a strength type hero who is very hard to kill because of its great amount of strength. He can disable you by his stun (Hoof Stomp) making you to stop for a short period of time.

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