Dota Ultimate Guide for Naix The Life Stealer




When Naix was change many DOTA players didn’t like what happened but if you are going to understand what happened. The reason for changing him is to balance the game when Naix is in it. Naix became more Team playing Hero rather than a solo killer. But the potential of being a super killing machine is lessened but the probability that you enjoy the game was greatly increased. So why not use the New Naix and try to find its grinding power. Here is the Guide which could make Naix a very dependable ally and a very dangerous foe.


EARLY GAME- Early game is very essential to Naix for you may choose if you will be aggressive or just play with the flow first. Your first item should be ring of regeneration and bananas (tangos), choose mid and battle up there for that place is very close to creeps and easy farming, the next item would be broad sword and then claymore. After those damage items get Void stone to acquire Battlefury. You can farm well with this item and stay away from gank places. This will be your Key item so don’t hesitate to get it.

MID GAME- Mid game would be hunting season for Naix. Hunt squishy heroes and kill them alone. You should have threads and lothars by this time. Gold will not be a problem because of Battlefury. Next to build is Desolator where that would make you cut other heroes even for tanks to be cut like papers?

LATE GAME- at this part you can choose what kind of item would you add to your items, it may depend what situation or you can just build any item you like. You can stop any hero if you have step forward at the early part and middle part at them. Hunt them so late game heroes cannot go up.

This guide will help you build the ultimate potential stopper Naix. You could leave comments or other recommendations to this build to the comment box at the bottom.

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