How to Play Dota Online for Free

As said above.

There are 3 things you need to play defence of the ancients online for free so ill start with each one and tell you how to get it.

1. The Game
2. The Mode
3. Player 2 Player virtual private network client


What is D.o.t.a?

D.o.T.A is called defence of the ancients which the goal of the game is to win like any game but you have a team of 5 members or less who pick a certain character or get randomed it and use them with or without teamwork to win. defence of the ancients is a game with 3 lanes one called top one called mid and one called bottom.

Bottom and top usually have 2 people on them and mid with one which usually is the hardcore support hero or a carry.

Why one person middle?

When one person is middle they get more xp and since the middle lane is shorter the creatures come faster which give maximum xp out of any lane when soloing (by yourself). The middle person is suppose to gank top or bot to get first blood or just some kills.

1. The game

Defence of the ancients is a modification of War craft 3 so first thing you need is the War craft 3 Client and frozen throne expansion these can be bought or gotten from sites like:

Torrents or http downloads.

Second thing you need is the latest patch for warcraft 3 which can be downloaded from here

2. The Mode

Defence of the ancients can be downloaded from this site:

Always make sure you have latest version or you would be able to play with others.

3. Player 2 Player virtual private network client

Clients are things like Wippien or things like which is the one you want to download.

go to and download the cilent. install it and then go connect to the game and join peoples games if you need more help to join games please make comments or read the help files but its pretty self explaintory.

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