League of Legends Wukong Guide

A comprehensive guide to Wukong. League of Legends.

Skill Build

Crushing Blow

Nimbus Strike


Crushing Blow

Nimbus Strike 

and yeah, then you add ultimate whenever you can, max nimbus, crushing blow and then decoy.

The strategy is to Nimbus Strike into a fight, drop a decoy if they retailiate. Crushing Blow is used next, then your cyclone and finish off with another nimbus strike and crushing blow.


Use Nimbus Strike to farm. On some occasions, you may want to use cyclone too.


Fast Killer

Great to get near your enemies

Great running tactics

Useful in team fights


Low health

Early game just sucks

Useless when outnumbered

In team engages, you are most likely to get the kills. So bear with guys who scold you for ksing :D

Item Build

I would get a Doran’s Blade first. The damage and extra health is useful for survivability and farming issues early game. Mercury Threads, Trinity Force, phage, Sheen, and Youmuu’s is a must have. The rest if for you to decide.

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My money making guide has 2 pages and i am proud of it :D . I know this Wukong Guide isn’t good but seriously, this maple guide is. Try it. Its not just about scrolling, it contains many secrets others do not know. :D

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