Counterstrike W.c.s Race

This is my amazing race created for wcs and wc3, it is realy good just copy and paste it and and upload to your server, message me if you upload it I would like to join your server, thank you.

  {”name”              ”=Crab= =Jack=”

    ”author”            ”Angreh Fighter”

    ”shortdescription”  ”It’ll FxxK like =Jack= but hide like a head crab”

    ”required_level”    ”0″

    ”maximum_level”     “0″

    ”allow_only”        ”0″

    ”teamlimit”         “1″

    ”restrict_shop”     “0″

    ”preloadcmd”        ”0″

    ”player_spawn_cmd”  ”0″

    ”round_start_cmd”   “0″

    ”round_end_cmd”     “0″

    ”numberofskills”    ”8″

    ”numberoflevels”    ”5″

    ”skillnames”        ”Suck on dat Bich|Rush|Float em up|=Crab=|Long Jump|Epic Fail|Chicken|Teleport”

    ”skilldescr”        ”Leach ‘em!|Wizz faster|lower your gravity|ewwwww head crabs|Ha Ha you failed|You coward you fail!!!|Apache chief ee nay chuck”

    ”skillcfg”          ”player_attacker|player_spawn|player_spawn|player_ultimate”

    ”skill1_setting” “es_xset wcs_divider 6.5;es_xset wcs_alpha 110|es_xset wcs_divider 5.5;es_xset wcs_alpha 140|es_xset wcs_divider 4;es_xset wcs_alpha 150|es_xset wcs_divider 3.5;es_xset wcs_alpha 170|es_xset wcs_divider 2.5;es_xset wcs_alpha 200″

    ”racealias_uds1″ “es_set wcs_dmg event_var(dmg_health);if (server_var(wcs_game) != server_var(wcs_game_css)) then es_xrand wcs_dmg 1 20;es_xmath wcs_dmg float;es_math wcs_dmg / server_var(wcs_divider);es est_RoundDecimal wcs_dmg server_var(wcs_dmg) 0;es est_Health event_var(attacker) + server_var(wcs_dmg);wcs_getlanguage wcs_lng wcs_lng_r_vampiric1;es_format wcs_lng server_var(wcs_lng) server_var(wcs_dmg);esnq est_csay event_var(attacker) server_var(wcs_lng);wcs_getlanguage wcs_lng wcs_lng_r_vampiric2;es_format wcs_lng server_var(wcs_lng) server_var(wcs_dmg);esnq est_csay event_var(userid) server_var(wcs_lng)”

    ”skill1_cmd” “if (server_var(wcs_dice) <= 60) then racealias_uds1″

    ”skill2_setting”    ”es_xsetinfo wcs_speed 1.20|es_xsetinfo wcs_speed 1.24|es_xsetinfo wcs_speed 1.42|es_xsetinfo wcs_speed 1.66|es_xsetinfo wcs_speed 1.84″

    ”skill2_cmd”        ”es es_xkeygetvalue wcs_tmp WCSuserdata event_var(userid) speed;es es_xif (server_var(wcs_speed) > server_var(wcs_tmp)) then es est_Speed event_var(userid) server_var(wcs_speed);es es_xif (server_var(wcs_speed) > server_var(wcs_tmp)) then es_xkeysetvalue WCSuserdata event_var(userid) speed server_var(wcs_speed);wcs_getlanguage wcs_lng wcs_lng_r_unholyact;es es_xtell event_var(userid) #multi server_var(wcs_lng)”

Liked it
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