Extinguishing The Flame, a Firelands Tanking Guide for Warriors Part 1: Trash

In this series of guides, I will run through the tips and tricks needed to tank firelands, ranging from the bosses to the trash.

The first ability he does is called Flame Breath. Its a frontal cone AoE. Needless to say, tank him facing away from the group. The flame breath does a decent amount of fire damage. You should pop a shield block slightly into when starts casting it to reduce magical damage taken through your shield mastery talent. 

The reason you should pop shield block slightly into when he starts casting flame breath is because of his second ability called dinner time. If you have tanked magmaw before, this is very similar. He pops you into one of his mouths and starts chewing you for massive physical damage. he does Dinner Time directly after casting Flame Breath. Popping shield block later into flame breath will ensure that you will block 100% of all the ticks of dinner time(assuming of course that you have a decent amount of mastery). 

His last ability is called terrifying roar and it is a AoE fear bomb. He has the bad habit of using flame breath when everyone is fleeing, making everyone take lots of fire damage. You can prevent this by using berserker rage to snap out of the fear and face him away from the group while the fear dissipates. You should be tank swapping when he swallows the first tank for dinner time as by the time dinner time finishes, your first tank would be near dead. 


The pyrelords can be extremely easy or extremely challenging to handle. If you have a shaman, I would recommend binding the big pyrelord and then taking down the small one before taking on the big one. If you don’t, tank the big one at least 40 yards away from where you are tanking the small ones. 

The small pyrelords have a damage reduction shield. This shield will only come down when the big pyrelord ignites them. When the add is ignited, it pulses for big fire damage to everyone around it. It should be noted that the he can also ignite a player, dealing 30k fire damage to them every 2 secs. 

Molten Surgers

The Molten Surgers are one of the 2 kinds of adds that patrol around and a major pain. Dealing with the surger is very simple. Make sure all your ranged is spread around and you should be fine. It randomly charges into people, dealing 40k fire damage to them. If there is anyone within 6 yards of the person being charged, they will also take the same amount of damage. If your ranged is stacked, it is easy to see how this damage can quickly get overwhelming. Other than that, its a simple tank n spank

Hell Hounds

The hell hounds travel in packs of 5. They are a simple enough trash pack which can be stunned and cced(they are elementals so bind elemental/frost trap etc). They inflict a stacking bleed effect called Rend Flesh. This ticks for approx 10k every 3 secs and it stacks. It used to stack to 10 but this was hotfixed to 5 changing this trash pack from challenging to laughable. 


If you take down all these adds in the initial area, you should summon Shannox. I will do a guide on Shannox tanking for Warriors soon. Also, if you have been paying attention, you should notice that I left out the turtles. This is intentional. For the love of everyones’ sanity, leave the damn turtles alone!

If you have any further questions or would like to point out any errors, please feel free to email me at ninepinplasma@gmail.com

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