Fast Leveling Guide for Zenonia Four

The quickest way to level up. Also includes a good way to get money.

Hello! Today I’m going to teach you how to level up really quick and make decent cash in Zenonia 4. First off, you do not need to be jailbroken for this as no mods are used. Level 45+ strongly recommended but not required. Lets get started shall we.

The method is nearly identical to my Zenonia 3 leveling guide and is just as easy. First go to any town, make sure you have quite a bit of money. If you are broke, Just mine ore. What I do is kill the monsters in the area, pick up loot, mine the rock, leave then come back and repeat until I saved up 20k+ worth of items. Now that you have a good cash stack, Go back to town and find Den of Trials. What you want to do is select team then choose random and find a player with good stats in both attack and defence. If you are level 45+ add jetng_88 he can’t die. So once started, get to a floor that you simply can’t complete and go to a corner and wait for your team-mate to finish the job. If your lucky, you will finish all the floors and get some decent level ups. Thats it, and *spoiler alert* If you haven’t beat the game yet, your max level is capped at 70.

This is easy and definately a fast way to level up. I hope you all enjoyed my guide.

Zenonia 3 Fast leveling guide:

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