How to Become a Level 99 Pickpocketing in Skyrim – Easy!

If you’re having a hard time trying to be the pickpocketing Argonian master you’ve always wanted to be, then check this Skyrim guide out!

Leveling Pickpocketing just got easier with this exploit!

Below is a video from Youtube showing you an easy technique to get level 99 pickpocketing:

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Level 99 Pickpocketing Training – Three Easy Steps

  1. Go to Wildhelm (You can fast travel via Carriage in Whiterun Stables). From there, talk to Silda and pay her the amount of gold needed to train you for pickpocketing.
  2. Once she is done training you, go behind her (MAKE SURE SHE IS NOT LOOKING AT YOU), and take the money back from her.
  3. Rinse and repeat!

Tips and Tricks

  • At first, this strategy may be hard since you will fail a lot of times, but after around level 20 or 30 the process will go a lot faster.
  • Occasionally a Guard will walk by and might be able to see you, so be on the alert.
  • This strategy is better done at night to promote the best Sneak and Pickpocketing Chances.
  • Save your game frequently, preferably after each successful pickpocket. That way if you fail, you can always just reload a saved game. 

Enjoy your level 99 Pickpocketing!

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    You should put perks into pickpocketing, including the perk to make stealing gold 50% easier. I trained to level 100 pickpocketing on the Master archery trainer.

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