How to Build a Perfect WoW Paladin

Quick and easy guide for anyone wanting to own in WoW with a nice paladin.

Do you remember the paladin in Warcraft 1, 2 and 3? Well, for those that want to play World of Warcraft online, you will find that the WoW paladin is one of the classes that rules over PVP and PVE. The class is for certain races on each faction. The paladin for the horde can only be used by the blood elf, but on the alliance side you can be a Dwarf, human and draenei. Do you want to know what talents to use for your paladin? Read the few paragraphs below about the talents and how you can make the paladin the way you want him or her to be.

The talent trees for the WoW paladin are protection, holy and retribution. If you’re going for a more offensive pally, you’ll spec retribution, a holy pally would be better for raids though. The paladin in the game has mana, of course and relies on mana for most of their attacks.

Holy is one build and is not the one that is commonly used, because if you want to heal the party, simply be a priest. The talents are simply allowing the better casting time and provide critical spell to casting healing. You can use this if you like to stand back and help others.

The protection talent path is one that’s used for power leveling those low level characters or mid level ones. The protection path will make the paladin have more hits and armor ratings, however if you’re looking to dominate, its best to go with retribution.

Protection talent path is one of the best talents to pick for protecting the flag or even tanking in instances. You can also power level other guild members or friends with this particular talent build. The increase of armor ratings and hit points allow you to be the ultimate tank with healing powers.

The retribution build is a perfect build for any WoW paladin and you will find it to be the best of out of them all. The DPS is the best about this talent tree path. Damage and spell increase will be the good side of this talent build. You can find this path to help you reduce the cost of instant spells greatly. The healing aspect of the paladin is the best side for this class. The wow paladin will be unstoppable with the retribution and dual talents with protection.

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