How to Create Your Own Repack

Learn how to create your own repack. This guide is made very simple to understand. If you have questions, post them below.

A few people aren’t really happy about using a repack. They are interested in creating their own repack. Creating a repack is not easy, but it is not difficult. The benefits of creating your own repack is being able to update it as often as you want and be able to add different features to it. For this guide we will be creating a blizzlike repack. Let’s begin.

(Please note that this is just a sneak peek. To view the real guide, CLICK HERE)


Part 1 Overview

1. How to Install ArcEmu files



Part 2a Overview

1. How to Compile Server for Windows


Part 2b Overview

1. How to Compile Server for Mac OS X


Part 3 Overview

1. Installing DBCs, Maps, and Vmaps


Part 4 Overview

1. MySQL Setup


Part 5 Overview

1. Database Setup


Part 6 Overview

1. Enabling Collision


Part 7 Overview

1. LUA Setup




2. Visual Studio C++ (DOWNLOAD)



I am making these guides to make creating your own ArcEmu repack even simpler than they have it on their website. Stay tuned to this article for a link to the first guide when it is up.

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