How to Get World of Warcraft for Free- Keygens and Such Also Explained!

Free World of Warcraft?

Okay I just decided to clear the air here. I’m sorry if I got someone’s hopes up, this title was just for people who are looking for free WoW accounts to hopefully pass by here. The main point of this article is to explain that there is no way at the moment to play World of Warcraft for free, apart from holding a clerk at gunpoint and forcing them to activate a squillion game cards (of course I would never do such a thing- psh, noo…. heh.. heh…). Anyways I also wanted to briefly cover a couple of things to look out for if you still insist on scouring the Internet for free codes and such.

1. Key Generators

Also known as KeyGens, these programs (supposedly) make up a random working code to whatever you’re trying to get a code for. Since there is no known way to randomize keys for World of Warcraft, these are normally little fake programs embedded with viruses or sometimes just a blatant virus instead of a program. To my knowledge, there is no working keygen on the Internet for WoW. Of course, there might be, because of course I havent looked through more than about 30, but good luck finding a working one. In conclusion, although these little programs may work wonders for getting free access to other programs, most of the World of Warcraft ones are Trojans.

2. Account Scamming

These are probably the second most common thing you’ll find (next to fake keygens) when looking for your free World of Warcraft. These are scams of varying intricacy which try to make you give out your account information and sometimes other personal data like your credit card number. By ‘varying intricacy’ I mean that some people will literally ask you for your account information and others will have set up elaborate scams which all, at some point in them, no matter how subtly they do it, do ask you for your information. For example I saw this one where it was a thread on a gaming site offering a free month, apparently from an ‘Official Blizzard Package’ where the person had made their own website with a sign in page and everything. On the last two steps of the sign in process it does provide a box in which to type your WoW account name, password, and credit card number, all nicely asterisk’d out and everything. The only problem was the fact that the guy had said on the site that it was going to be ‘free’ (he shouldn’t need a credit card no.) and of course there were several angry comments on the thread where the link was saying  that he had scammed them.

3. Fake Offer Sites

These are fake versions of offer sites like that boast that you can get World of Warcraft memberships for free by completing offers. You can, in fact, earn money by completing online offers, but there are a lot of sites where these offers don’t work/are fake. Don’t waste your time and money.

Those are the three main things to look out for. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but again, I genuinely don’t believe you can get free World of Warcraft time.  You can get those 10-day free trials from Blizzard, but I think that’s about it. Good luck if you still have a go at finding free World of Warcraft, and if you do , by all means, contact me!



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