How to Make Real Money Playing World of Warcraft and Play for Free!

No, this article is not about making gold on World of Warcraft, it really tells you how to make real money!

A monthly subscription of World of Warcraft can be expensive, especially if money is tight or if you are only playing a couple of hours per month. But there are good news! This article will tell you how to make real money playing World of Warcraft or any other game. Isn’t that great?

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The secret is using surf bars to earn money while playing. Surf bars (or cash bars) are paying you for watching their ads, they display them on your screen. While playing, one or two of those surf bars are not annoying, but you are really making money with it!

The first and best one is 20Dollars2Surf. The cash bar is only as small as an advertising banner – 468 x 60 pixels and by clicking on the minus symbol, you can move it to anywhere on your screen. Move it to a place where it does not interfere with the game. The cash bar will stay in the front always, so you are earning money constantly!
If you want to earn more, you can refer your friends with your referral link. You get 10% on 10 levels without your friends earning less!

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The second programme is not a cash bar and it is even less intrusive. You won’t notice it. CashGopher seldomly opens a pop up window in your browser to present you some ads. Also not annoying!

With those two programs and a couple of friends, you will soon be able to play for free!

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