How to Play World of Warcraft in 3D: Works for Other Games as Well

A guide for playing World of Warcraft and other games in 3D on your computer.

How to play World of Warcraft in 3D (works for other games as well)


A modern Nvidia Graphics card, 8800 series, 9600+, or 200/greater (not 440Ti or MX)

Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32/64-bit or Windows 7 32/64-bit

Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ X2 CPU or higher

1GB of system memory (2GB is recommended)

100 MB free disk space

Cheap 3D glasses, preferably Red/Blue* <- (if not, READ ALL FIRST, specifically the last few paragraphs)

A dimly lit or unlit room

*Let’s say you don’t have the 3D glasses. You have a few choices on how you obtain them, you can order them anywhere online for as cheap as 8 cents each, go to the nearest blockbuster and pay 15 cents for the green/magenta Coraline ones, or make your own.

To make your own, purchase cellophane candy wrappers or sheets of the colors of your choice (again, preferably red/blue) for the lenses, and anything from cheap reading glasses to pipe cleaners to use as frames.

Once you have all of the above, proceed with updating your video card drivers from Nvidia’s website.

Follow the “Download Drivers” link, and either input your video card information, or click the grey button that says “GRAPHICS DRIVERS” in all caps to have your information automatically detected.

After you have installed the latest drivers, you need to access the Nvidia Control Panel, a simple way to do this is to right click on your desktop, and select it from that menu.

Assuming your video card is one of the above mentioned cards, you will have an option in the left hand box for “Stereoscopic 3D” or a Stereo tab.

Either or, under that selection will be the option to enable Stereo Mode, or Test Hardware.

You may wish to play with the hardware test a little bit, but if you aren’t using the official Nvidia glasses, or a different color (like me) then you can just enable it right away.

If during the test/setup process, you notice your glasses are not giving you the proper answers to the hardware check questions, simply answer with 1. Red Octagon, and 2. Blue Triangle, and read on. (The test is only for those with red/blue)

After enabling Stereoscopic 3D, doing the hardware test, etc your options under “Set up stereoscopic 3D” in the Nvidia control panel will change. You now have a slider option for your desired depth amount, and a few other options. Note the “Set Keyboard Shortcuts” button.

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