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Defense of the Ancients, in short DotA, is an addictive game that you will not want to miss on. This guide helps you get around this fun and complicated game.

DotA is a Warcraft III custom map, made through Warcraft’s world editor. It is a very popular map for Warcraft III gamers over, but it is tricky to master as a beginner. This guide is intended for beginners or people who want to try it out so that they don’t feel completely lost by this fabulous yet complicated game.

DotA is a team game, where there are two teams, the Sentinel and the Scourge. Each player has control of one unit and each team has its own “creeps”, these are AI controlled units that battle against the other sides AI units. The goal of the game is to destroy the other sides’ main building, the world tree for the sentinels and the frozen throne for the scourge. To get to these main buildings, you must destroy a series of towers and other buildings guarding it. The unit each player controls is called a hero. The hero the player is controlling are stronger than the AI units and have special powers and abilities that make each one of them unique. There are a total of 91 heroes in the game and new ones coming out as new versions of DotA are released.

To start off the game the player that has the color blue, usually the host of the game, declares the game mode in the first 15 seconds, if he does not declare a game mode, there is a default mode selected, normal mode. The usual mode selection for pub games is –ap this is a mode where each player can choose any hero they want from any side, scourge or sentinel. After choosing your hero, you must buy items, buying items is tricky, because there are so many and specific heroes need specific items, so I am not going to aboard item buying in this guide. After the items are bought, each player chooses one of 3 lanes, top lane, middle lane, and bottom lane. These are the battle fronts where the two sides’ creeps will face up the ultimate goal of each team is to help you side’s creeps “push” the other creeps all the way to the main building and destroy it. To do that you have to kill the other team’s heroes and not get killed, if ever you die you will respawn at your beginning location after a certain amount of time depending on you level. At you spawn site there is a fountain, the fountain is a very useful building as it provides fast health and mana regeneration and it has a very fast and very attack just like a mega tower. The fountain is placed behind your main building, so it cannot serve as protection against the other team.

These are the basics of the game there are many more complex details to the game, but the best way to master those is simply by playing the game, to play the game you need a copy of Warcraft III the Frozen Throne and you need to download the map from I hope you enjoyed this guide and hope to see you join the legion of DotA fans around the world.

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