Iris Online Ahead of World of Warcraft in Taiwan

Iris game online, a new MMORPG in anime style.

Iris game online

Iris game online a new MMORPG in anime style of Eya Soft Co Ltd, has won the Taiwan market, barely having time to see the light. According to reports Taiwanese gaming resources, immediately after the launch of Iris was answered by a serious competition to the leader of the ratings – the legendary World of Warcraft. And finally, after two weeks of fighting dynamic game could take the first singles chart, dropping WoW in second place.

Only two weeks from the date of launch of beta testing iris game online took this spectacular, “cartoon” project to achieve this impressive result. “The reception the public has exceeded all our expectations” – the representative of the publisher iris game online. Surprising, because under the colorful wrapper lie gaming experience that rivals today’s market leaders of online entertainment.

In Russia and CIS localization iris game online company does Mail.Ru. Already opened the official website of the project and began preparations for the closed beta-testing games, which is scheduled for the first mid-November, and collection of questionnaires to participate in the —Ālosed beta will be held in the second half of October.

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