Ragnarok Online Satan Morroc, Wounded Morroc Guide!

How to kill Satan morroc, Wounded morroc in Ragnarok Online in just 30 minutes.

What is Main party?
Main party is: the one who tank the mvp, setup and the other.

3-4hp: Job: pneuma, lex, heal paladin, buffing& assump the tanker, also Sanctuary on the party. [They should divide the job, who's gonna lex, pneuma, assump, etc.]
1LordKnight: Luring MvP, after that, stay on outside when we’re killing satan morroc, if the party wipe, his job is come to the mvp map, tank the MVP while the party regrouping [the regroup/resetup have to be really fast]

1 SteelBody Champion: just tank. [need plenty of potion]

1 Devotion Paladin: devo the tanker, Providence the tanker, AutoGuard, [need plenty of potion as well]
for note: the paladin have to spam devotion, and take a good look for it, focus,

1 FCP/Pot Pitcher Creator: FCP the tanker, pot pitch the devo paladin.

1 prof: not really needed, his job is teleport mobs, and give sp if needed.

1 bragi(can dual), bragi in the party, so the hp can spam Heal, and the paladin can spam devotion

Supportive Party: the one who support the main party for killing the MVP, and usually stay on the town.

2-3845734 Asura Champion, the more the better: Important Notes: get yourself into a gospel, (get double Str, double sp @ town) and when u already got the buffs, make urself char select, and when we’re already get the MVP, u can get on, and get into the game, asura the mvp. make sure u got sp song+bragi @ the town, as well, after you Asura the MVP, use ButterFly wing, safe your buffs, and safe time to asura. if the party wipe, go char select again, wait for instruction from party leader, your friends gonna resetup really fast.

at the city, we have:
1 hp: Buffs and portal the asura champion, or the main party if got wipe.

1Paladin: Gospel on town, make sure this gospel is active all the time.
1 Clown/bard: Bragi on town, make sure this bragi is active all the time.
1 Dancer: Service for you[ sp song] on town, make sure this sp song is active all the time.

ok, now that we have done with the class needed, and the job each class, lets look at how we do it.

1. before we spawn the satan, there’s should be sp song and gospel, and the Champion have to get 2xsp, 2x atk.
after they got the buffs, they have to char select, wait for instruction from the party leader.

2. Tank[steel body champion] have to be on the position, get fcped, and wait for the lurer instruction.

3. The Main party who supporting the Tank, should ready at their position, and wait for the lurer instruction.

4. The lurer [Lord KNight] lure the MvP into the Tanker. after that, go butterfly wing.get full buffed [assumptio etc] and wait outside the Dimensional gorge, char select waiting till the party wipe, and he have to come in really fast, and tank the MVP for sec, use potion! (when you’re tanking the mvp, the party should resetup really fast.)

5. The champion is atked by the MVP, tanking it, the main party who support the tank, do their job.

6. Party leader can tell the main killer,( asura champ) to start killing. (for note: champion should wait for the mvp getting lex, then asura-lex-asura-lex, try not to asura without lex. ) and portal priest, gospel paladin, songs, have to do their job really well.

7. The killing begin, but when the steel body is off/getting dispelled, there’s a chance the party wiped. check on point 4,
you have to setup really fast while the LK is tanking the mvp. for champion, try to get double sp, double atk again, if u got it, u can char select again.

8. The setup is done, keep doing this.

They key of the guide is: React fast, fast Setup, organized one, training lots, good communication between party member, and people should know their job, learn from failing.

Note: dont attack/hit the constant, if the party wiped, champion dont try to asura it, just stop, and try to get buffs on town.

if u want to ask/ give a suggestion, just let me know.

and make sure u guys have 3 sets of the dimensional gorge quest.
[120 live coal, 150 glaciel heart]


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