Runesky – RuneScape Private Server

RuneSky – A good RuneScape Private Server.

RuneSky is a private server where it is now online 24/7. It is a Webclient, so you don’t need to worry about viruses from downloading.

RuneSky Skillcape emotes are working fine. There are commands like ::train to go to rock crabs and well.. Train! Godwars is a bit glitchy, but you get good drops from them. Zamorak drop Dragon Claws!

The creator of RuneSky is Misty. RuneSky is an active server, Mods are Friendly. Skill levels go up to level 126, and the skillcape gets a new colour. There are Pk Capes and Pk Capes(t) these capes are to show off that you are a master pker. Wilderness works and everything. So why not try out RuneSky now?


Play Here at:


Join Today! No Lagg, Perfect Server!

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  1. Posted July 28, 2010 at 10:38 am

    haha u know f3ar3dlegend on sky?

    thats me! >:D

    check out this article, it’s comparing RS and RSPS (runescape vs. private servers) i wrote it >:D

  2. chewy4
    Posted June 27, 2011 at 12:54 pm

    someone plz help me on runesky me and my brother played this and his name was chewy5 and i was chewy4 but he wanted to scam and then got my house ip banned but i still want to play can u plz un ip ban me i really like this server and i did nothing wrong it was chewy5.

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