Soloing Firelands Trash for Profit and Reputation as a Hunter!

This guide will cover how to solo firelands trash as a hunter for both profit and reputation. It covers basics such as entering the raid instance with only one character to soloing without a raid id that has any bosses down.

So you want to solo Firelands trash for rep, profit and bragging rights? Well, this is the guide for you! I will try to make this as extensive as possible to cater to the first-time hunter as well as the seasoned boss soloers who are just looking for a quick heads up before entering the Firelands.

1. Whats in it for me?

First of all, these trash mobs drop quite a wide array of ilvl 378 BoE items which are of highly coveted by people getting into raiding or raiders trying to upgrade certain item slots for which upgrades simply won’t drop. Also, they drop lots of BoE crafting patterns which sell handsomely on the Auction House.

Next is of course the rep associated with killing these creatures. You will stop getting rep after you have reached 5999/6000 friendly and you have to kill one of the bigger trash mobs like molten lords but it does net you a very nice ilvl 378 rep cloak from the Avengers of Hyjal for your efforts.

Lastly, and in my opinion, the most attractive factor is soloing current content that was designed to be tackled by more than the lone skilled hunter who defies all odds to kill the minions of the Firelord, just because he can!

2. Entering the Firelands

Seems like a simple enough task. However, you can only enter a raid instance if you are in a raid group. There are 2 ways you can get past this.

The simplest is of course inviting a friend or guildie to a party and converting the party to a raid group. Once you are inside the firelands proper, thank them for their time and they can drop the raid group after that. The problem with this method is that you cannot reset the instance after you are done heroically soloing the mobs without re inviting another person.

The second method is something that I use often and I recommend that you follow this one if you plan on soloing any raids on a consistent schedule. Log onto your account and sign up for a WoW trail account. Then log onto that account by running a second instance of WoW level a character to at least level 10. Then you can invite this character into your raid group and have all the freedom without depending or bothering anyone. 

3. What Spec should I be in?

You should be doing this as a Marksmanship Hunter. This is the setup I would recommend for your talents: The important talents that you should take here are Bombardment, Concussive Barrage and Pathfinding. You will be kiting the mobs around in a circle for a good long time and have them permanently dazed through Concussive barrage is very important. Also, Bombardment allows you to keep those multishots coming. I generally do this in aspect of the cheetah to add even more of a buffer zone in between the mobs and myself. In the event that you are starting to out range them(this will start to happen as you start to get the hang of kiting them), you can switch to hawk and start doing some damage before they catch up again.

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