Terraria Multiplayer Server No Hamachi

A complete Terraria video guide for setting Multiplayer Server with Hamachi and without Hamachi.

Terraria Crafting is an awesome game which also supported multiplayers playing option only if your Terraria Server is running on  tMod or without Hamachi.

You can also use Zenrix’s Terraria Server which is very easy to install and you can easily use Terraria map guide. You can also play this game without map or a guide instructions if your Hamachi Server is activated.

Rules for playing in a multiplayers mode:

1. Grooving is not allowed, if you do so then you may get ban without warning.

2. In multiplayers mode, you have to Respect your co-players and their places.

3. All players must follow the further instructions of  OPS and  GavinXD.

4. Read the privacy policy of Zenrix.

You can use the following tMod Plugins  in a multiplayers mode.

1- Terraria Essentials

2- TC Permission

3- Terra chat Server

4- Spawn Shield

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