Top Eight Reasons Why World of Warcraft Sucks!

The glory days of the giant MMORPG are long past. Having played it myself and looking back, here are some of the top reasons why the game, as it is now, sucks!

  • The challenge of the game is gone. The latest patches along with the WOTLK expansion, have made the game way too noob-friendly.

  • The few remaining guilds that contain mature players that put effort into playing the game, have been outnumbered by hordes of crying, swearing and immature kids.

  • The game has become a mindless grind to end-game. There is no more appreciation or focus on the aspects that made the game great in the first place. Blizzard’s solution? Destroy the original world and with it, the lore of the entire franchise (World of Warcraft: Cataclysm), joy?

  • No more attention to detail. Burning Crusade and WOTLK have seen the areas become huge, monotonous and mass-produced. Where’s the intricate design and finer details of the original world?

  • The whole world of Azeroth is filled with clones! Game character models are recycled over and over again. You will end up fighting something that looks exactly like those enemies you killed earlier, except now they’re a bit bigger and coloured differently.

  • Grind, grind, grind. This is all that WOW seems to be about nowadays. It doesn’t take any skill to level or achieve something awesome. You just have to have a hell of a lot of time on your hands.

  • The lore is getting weak. Blizzard has succeeded to kill all the iconic characters of the Warcraft universe. Makes you wonder what will be left if they ever decide to make another Warcraft RTS game.

  • Where is everybody? The expansions just serve to depopulate the rest of the world. The fast-paced grind to end-game leaves all the lower level instances and areas abandoned.

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