Why Do People Think WoW is So Stupid?

I’m trying to figure out why everyone think WoW is stupid, because plenty of people think so.

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So I’m trying to figure out why some people think the game World of Warcraft is gay. There are some reasons why they do, here they are:


  1. They only think of the people that take the game WAY too seriously. These people play for hours on end, without sleep, eat only ordered pizza, and drink heaps of energy drinks.
  2.  They also think a bunch of people who have no lives, except for loving school and playing WoW, play this game.
  3. They think that if they try the game they will become raging queers who only want to play the game.

I have a counterexample to all three of these reasons.

For reason 1, they only think of those people and don’t realize that a man who is happily married, with kids, and a great job could play. They don’t realize that all kinds of people play and they need to think of everyone else before they start to judge this.

For reason 2, the counterexample is basically stated in reason 2. They just need to think of other people. Some of my best friends play WoW. One of my friends is the star running back for our JV team and plays WoW. His brother is also crazy when it comes to sports, he becomes extremely pissed off in football and lacrosse, and he also plays WoW. So not only do kids who arent as social play, these kids play as well.]

For reason 3, playing the game doesn’t make you a homosexual. It won’t completely alter your your life. It just makes you someone who will try something new. Everyone says OMG you play WoW you’re gay! Well i think hte next question to ask THEM is, have you played this game? IF you haven’t played the game, don’t give any crap for it. It is not your call. So if you want to be able to rag on this game, i suggest you play it first.

Some of you probably play WoW becuase I made this article, well i don’t. I did it in regard for my friends who play becuase they seem to always be getting crap for it. I will admit if I had this game i would probably play it.

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