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Gaming for nerds? Hell no! Here’s an article about working in the gaming industry, and why you should consider it.

First off all: being creative is an important thing for your life. Why? You get to create your fantasy or think about something that isn’t all ready created. Second, you can get appreciation for your work. But why is being creative attached to the gaming industry? Simple: games are interactive software moving paintings. Walking in Azeroth (the world from the game World of Warcraft) seeing all that beauty must give you a happy feeling. So, while making a game, you’re working as a painter or however you want to name it. You’re being creative, and that’s important!

But working in the gaming industry isn’t only the designing or creating. There are much more opportunities involved. For some examples:
1. Player Support. You can compere it to Customer Service, but mostly then through email. Players who have questions or problems can email the Player Support. You, as an PS’er, answer it and help those people. It’s good for your communication skills to help those who need your help. 

2. Game Tester. Seems ideal? It’s real! If I name Jagex, you might find an job application for Game Tester HQ. Basically, what you have to do in this position, is testing out new games. Simple as that. But, not to make it a living dream, you have to be very exact and accurate. Every little detail must be seen and when finding an error, you should help the Tech team fixing the bug.

3. Moderation (In-Game). As a Moderator, you have to be a police man inside a (online) game. You’re the one who helps people directly, keeps the scammers and hackers outside and ban people who aren’t following the rules. While being a moderator, you are really high on the view. When a player seas you, he will get all crazy and ask lots of questions. 

4. Story Writers. The people who wrote the story of World of Warcraft are geniuses, in my eyes. They’ve created a whole new world, with it’s own (ongoing) history. As a story writer, you have to write things about the game or create new dialogs between NPC (non playing characters) or between a NPC and a player. It’s very nice to be creative on an other way then just drawing a monster, you could write a whole story about it!

And these four jobs are just some examples for the things you may get involved when working in the gaming industry. It’s not gold you may get, but you’re doing something which may first be your hobby. But is making your a hobby a job not a dream? I mean, you would get the change of being involved with big projects as the new Titan game (From Blizzard!!). 

If you don’t know where you should start searching, look at the bigger companies first (Blizzard Entertainment or Jagex). Good luck finding a job, and happy gaming!

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