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World of Warcraft Shaman Description.

World of Warcraft is a very versatile game that allows players to customize their character in many ways. One of these ways is the class selection. The class selection allows players to choose from many different types of characters depending on their play-styles. If you prefer melee combat (hand-to-hand) you might prefer to play as a warrior or rogue. If you prefer to stay out of the thik of the battle, you would probably benefit from a long ranged class such as the hunter or mage. Healing is also an option with the paladin and cleric classes. The most versatile of them all is the Shaman class. The Shaman class allows the character to experience all the types of gameplay. While shaman’s don’t have the most hitpoints (HP) in the game, they make very powerful allies when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. They also have one of the strongest long-rage damage types: the elemental spells. Featuring a very nice Restoration class, the Shaman gains the ability to heal multiple party members at once which comes in handy during some of the longer battles of the game.

Let’s start with the basics. If you are alliance, you can choose from multiple character races such as the Human, Gnome, or Draenai. I personally prefer the Draenai for a couple of reasons. The Draenai are naturally attuned to the Shaman class, and they gain extra spirit (a stat that increases magic regeneration). This is helpful for all three classes, as the shaman uses elemental spells and totems to boost their damage. The Draenai also gains a nice ability that heals a chosen target for a certain percentage of their hp. This is great for players who prefer to solo their way through the game, and even for a little extra healing for raids and Dungeons.

If you like the horde, you can also choose from a variety of races. I cannot go much into detail on the Horde aspect as I am Alliance, but the concept is basically you same.

Whatever race you choose, a Shaman has many different types of playing. If you prefer melee combat, you can focus on increasing the “Enhancement” talent tree. This is the main talent tree for melee shamans, and will offer the most DPS and abilities to make you into a mighty warrior. Spell casters or long-range players should focus on the “Elemental” talent tree. This is a personal favorite of mine. I love the spells and damage that you can put out with this tree, and for solo players like me this is the way to go. This specific tree gives you everything you need to solo through the game. With abilities ranging from the simple Lightning Bolt all the way to Lava Burts and Lightning Storm, the player is given the power to regenerate their own magic as well as blow enemies quite a distance from your character. For healers, the restoration Talent tree is for you. With abilities that increase mana regeneration to powering up your healing spells, how can a shaman go wrong with this Talent tree?

There is no one Talent tree that will make the game “easy” per-se, but for players who like to solo I would suggest the Elemental or Restoration tree’s. With the elemental tree you can kill enemies at long range before they get to you, and the restoration tree let’s you kill monsters and heal if they get close enough to hit you. I have personally been able to heal through groups of monsters attacking me with ease while using a non-tweaked shaman.

The last thing to note about a Shaman is the totem spells. The totems that a Shaman can learn are based on the Talent Tree that the shamen chooses to follow. These totems will give many benefits, ranging from a drastic increase in melee attack speed to regenerating a percentage of your mana every few seconds. The choice is yours, and the Shaman is a very good starting pick for players just learning the game. Very easy to learn, impossible to master.

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