World of Warcraft Shutting Down

OMG– What is happenning?

World of War craft Closing Down!

Stunning news brought out by World of War craft HQ—shutting down 11/11/10.  World of War craft is shutting down November 11, 2010 due to many complaints from upset parents and kids complaining of all the random stupid cheats.  There is a newsletter that is coming out 10/21 at 5:00 p.m. to notify all players of World of War Craft that the game is officially shutting down. 

            The first reason why WWC is shutting down is because of all the parental complaints.  Some of these parental complaints contain things such as not obeying them anymore- not doing well in school because of over play of the game.  Already WWC HQ has tried to limit the playing time for some users—but these techniques have failed.  Here are some parent complaint interviews. 

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Question 1) why do you want this game banned?

Answer 1, parent 1- “I want this game banned because now all my son does is play this stupid game.  He just won’t listen to me anymore, all he does is play that stupid video game.  When I tell him to unload the dishwasher or do his chores he talks back to me.  Worst of all when I tell him he has to turn it off and do his homework he curses at me!  That’s why I want the game banned.”

Answer 1, parent 2- “This game is rotting my child’s brain.  This game is terrible for his health and he is losing sleep.  He sometimes will go without meals and forget to do his daily chore—which is to make his bed.  If he can’t even do a simple thing like this because of this game, why should I let him play it? That’s why I want it banned.”

Question 2) what does your kid do in his free time?

Answer 2, parent 1- “All my kid does in his free time is play this game! And sometimes he even fakes being sick just to stay home from school and play.  This game is ruining our relationship.”

Answer 2, parent 2- No response… Just started crying…

            There are so many parents in the word out there with responses similar to this… this is a very crushing moment for parents… But now, what are us gamers going to do?  We’ll find out soon enough… I guess  

To all you gamers out there, this is an eye opening shocker.  No0 one saw this coming.  I’m sorry to all of you.  Good luck with this ordeal.

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