WoW Cataclysm Raid Tactics – 10man Magmaw

Tactics to help down the boss Magmaw on its 10 man version in the raid Blackwing Descent.

Magmaw is the first boss in Blackwing Descent, one of 3 opening level raids comparable to Naxxramas in the WOTLK expansion. In terms of difficulty, at least on normal mode, Magmaw is a very easy fight, and possibly the 1st or 2nd easiest boss in the raid, behind maybe Atramedes. 

This first boss is situated on the left side after you enter the raid, and has 2 ’sets’ of trash to deal with before the initial boss pull.

Firstly, there is a Drakonid Chainwielder, which is a relatively easy mob to deal with. He does a frontal 20 yard cone type damage move called Overhead Smash, so the tank should face him away from the rest of the raid. Another move is Grevious Wound, which ticks on any player until they are healed above 90% of their health. Of course, usual debuff removing spells such as Ice Block will work also. Finally there is Constricting Chains, which stuns a player for 5 seconds and damages them for about 13k every second. This just needs to be healed through.

The second set of adds, which consists of 2 Drakonic Drudge’s. These are much more annoying, and actually need careful consideration, as all trash in Cataclysm raids has been made more annoying due to complaints about a large amount of ‘easy’ trash. Therefore there is now less of it, just alot harder. The positioning is key. One tank pulls the right drudge to the right side of the room, obviously far out enough to not pull magmaw, and the off tank pulls the left drudge to the opposite (left) side of the room. No dps on the mobs until they reach their tanks. Then, all healers and ranged stand exactly inbetween the 2 mobs, although take care not to stand in a direct path between them, as when the mobs switch tanks, they cleave as they run…

Basically, begin dps on the assigned add ( I usually take the left one). Eventually, the 2 drudge’s do an aggro wipe, and give a vast amount of threat to the furthest away target, which should be the other tank. Therefore they will run to the opposite tank. Dps then moves onto the target that just moved (i.e. always dps the left target in this case) Therefore melee don’t have to move. Be careful of the cleaves, and there is also a thunderclap that does about 30k on normal to all melee so healers be mindful of this. Other than that, each mob needs to be taken down literally together, as if one dies, the other gains a nasty enrage that will quickly destroy a tank. Save cd’s for this, both tanks and healers, and just make sure to co-ordinate dps when you start hitting 15% on one mob.

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