RuneScape 1-99 Herblore Guide

Runescape 1-99 Herblore Guide.

As others have stated, G.E prices could complete ruin this and make you lose money, id suggest doing it in 10k – 30k loads.

1 – 25.
314 attack potions; 
314 Cleam Guam’s. 123gp Bulk 38,622gp
314 Vial’s of Water. 2gp Bulk 628gp
314 eye of newt’s. 21gp Bulk 6,594gp
= 314 Attack Potions. 284gp = +138gp profit ea. Bulk +43,332gp

25 – 30.
Clean 737 grimy rannar;
Grimy Rannar. 1,995gp
Clean Rannar. 1,982gp
Profit = 27gp = 19,899gp

30 – 35.
Clean 1,131 grimy toadflax
Grimy Toadflax. 2,158gp
Clean Toadflax. 2,208gp
Profit = 50gp = 56,550gp

-Heres where it gets difficult, you could keep doing the best herb you could do, or, make a fair bit of cash as i will calculate here.

35 – 75
Clean 152,310 grimy spirt weed
Grimy Spirit-weed. 2,480gp
Clean Spirtit-weed. 2,550gp
Profit = 70gp = 10,661,700gp

75 – 99
Clean 778,268 grimy torstol Posted Image
Grimy Torstol. 27,279gp
Clean Torstol. 27,962gp
Profit = 233gp = 181,336,444gp  (181m) Wow..

I have no idea how long this would take.. im going to take a guess and say awhile. Im also not sure how well these herbs would buy/sell.

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