RuneScape: Best Place for Afk Meele Training F2P

Here are some best places to train your meele stat while you are afk.

Afk training is very helpfull as you can level up with no effort and utilise that time in other stuff like you can study some books etc.Ypu just have to eat some food in between and nothing else.But all monsters are not good for training while you are afk.There are two best creatures to train on them.One is for high levels and other is for low levels.

Giant spiders: They are level 50 in combat.Players with level 85+ can easily train on them.They give 200 exp per spider.They are best for training while you are afk because they attack every combat level from level 3 to lvl 126.But they hit 700 frequenlty so it is advised to take good food like tuna, lobster or swordfish.They are found in level3 of string hold of security and there are many rooms of these spiders in level 3 floor.As their accuracy is good and hit very often it is advised that you should be lvl 85+ to train on them.They give from exp 30k per hour to 50k per hour depending on your combat.They stop attacking after 15 minutes so you can change room and go to other room and keep doing this.While you are afk you should come in between to eat some food or you can die very easily.They can even kill a level 95 in little time if you don’t eat food.

Flesh crawlers: They are found in floor 2 of strong hold of security.They are level 28, 35 and 41.They give 100 exp per kill.They are angry for 10 minutes and then do not attack.They are good for low level afk training you can come in between to eat some food.They got high accuracy so food is necessary trouts are best for them.Players with level 40-60 can train on them.

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