RuneScape F2P High Level Alchemy Guide: The Best Items to Use!

A list of items that are recommended to be used when attempting to gain levels through the High Level Alchemy spell.

 So, if you’ve read my other article (and if you haven’t you might want to, since this list complements it), you know that there’s a lot of free experience (and even a small amount of money) to be earned with just a little bit of effort and a few clicks every day. Simply replace every mention of the rune sq shield in the original article with the item you choose and the correct information.

 This article is pretty straightforward and is based on the assumption that you know how to/why you should high level “alch”. Now, if you have a general idea of how High Level “alching” works, carry on. However, if this is not the case, you might want to read that article I linked you to up there. It was also written assuming that you are using a fire staff when casting the spell.

 (Note that the items here are listed from the most expensive to the least expensive and that using the cheapest ones is more profitable. However, since it is impossible to be sure of something’s stock, you may want to try different ones. Also keep in mind that items tend to be harder to buy on the G.E. as the list progresses, except for the rune longsword and the rune dagger, which would be swapped if the list was ordered relatively to the availability of the items)

 Rune sq shield:

 Average G.E. price: 22.9k

 Price to be bought for: 22.8k

 High level alchemy value: 23 040gp

 Price + Nature rune: 22 993gp

 Profit: 47gp

 Rune longsword:

 Average G.E. price: 19.1k

 Price to be bought for: 19k

 High level alchemy value: 19.2k

 Price + Nature rune: 19 193gp

 Profit: 7gp

 Rune dagger (recommended):

 Average G.E. price: 4 649gp

 Price to be bought for: 4.6k

 High level alchemy value: 4.8k

 Price + Nature rune: 4 793

 Profit: 7gp

 Adamant warhammer:

 Average G.E. price: 3 079gp

 Price to be bought for: 3k

 High level alchemy value: 3 213gp

 Price + Nature rune: 3 193gp

 Profit: 20gp

 Adamant battleaxe:

 Average G.E. price: 2 315gp

 Price to be bought for: 2.3k

 High level alchemy value: 2 496gp

 Price + Nature rune: 2 493gp

 Profit: 3gp

 Adamant sq shield:

 Average G.E. price: 2 165gp

 Price to be bought for: 2.1k

 High level alchemy value: 2 304gp

 Price + Nature rune: 2 293

 Profit: 11gp

And that’s all! Happy high alching!

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  1. Posted February 9, 2011 at 10:14 pm

    steel plate bodys 1044

    buy for 1004

    nats 194

    total= 1198

    steel body alchs for 1200

    +4gp profit

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