RuneScape Merch Guide

Guide to making millions on Runescape!

To start this guide, your going to need to make a little money first. now coming straight off of the new tutorial when your helping the white knight kill the dragon, they’ll give you a choice of either to choose woodcutting or mining to get out of the underground area. i recommend choosing mining. because all you have to do is reach level 15 and start mining coal until you have 100k-200k GP. So basically go to the West Varrock mining spot and mine 1k-2k iron ores. (1,000 x 210gp = 210,000 gp, 2,000 x 210 = 420,000 gp)

Now, once you’ve mined your money rocks, it’s time to get Merching!

The first step works for both Members and Non-Members. We’re going to start with air runes. Air runes sell on the Grand Exchange for 15-17 gp each. The way this works is you’re going to be taking advantage of the impatience of people. most people will sell their air runes for lowest price on the grand exchange so that they will sell quicker. So we’re going to buy as many air runes as we possibly can for lowest price. so if you have 250k gp (250,000 / 15 = 16,666) you would buy 16,666 air runes for 15 gp each. and once you recieve all your air runes, your going to sell them right away for highest price. they should sell in a couple of hours so go play a flash game or mine some more iron. once they sell you should’ve made a profit of about 30k. now keep repeating this process until your total amount of money is around 500k.

The second step, once you’ve reached 500k is either keep merching air runes, or start merching rune armor sets. rune armor sets (l) sell for about 210k gp. the components, rune full helm (21k gp), rune platebody (69k), rune platelegs (57k) and rune kite shield (58k) all add up to 210k. but if you buy the armor set for 200k and sell each component of the armor set for 500 gp below max price, you’ll end up making a profit of about 50k per set you buy. with 500k you can buy 2 sets. which will earn you 100k after selling both sets. which will put you up to 600k where you can buy 3 sets and gain 150k gp and so on. if your merching air runes still, your first merch from 500k will make you about 70k. now repeat either one of these processes until you make about 1 mil.

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