Secrets, Tips, and Tricks of Starfleet Commander

Strategies for Starfleet Commander.

Since you’re here that means you know about the Facebook game of real opponents, real time, interstellar colonization and conquest, Starfleet Commander, and you want to know the secret strategies, tips, tricks, and how not to get smashed by the thug one planet over.

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Starfleet Commander – In The Beginning

For those of you who are complete newbies, my recommendation is to study the Wiki pages explaining the game.  While the game does have an in-game tutorial, that will tell you what your first moves should be, if you follow it exactly you run into a situation where you don’t have enough energy to run all your mining operations at 100% capacity. So tip number one is-

  • Watch your energy production.  Make sure you always have enough energy being created to run all your buildings.  Build another level onto your solar array, or build some more Helios Satellites before building another mine.
  • Don’t rely solely on more Helios satellites, as they can be destroyed in an attack.  Always rely on your planetbound Solar Array first for Energy, then your Nuclear Reactor, then your satellites.

Starfleet Commander – Research

As with any game of this type, not all research is created equal.  There are some very important areas of research that need to put first to improve the rate at which you can grow.

  • A.I. Tech is important.  The level of your A.I. Tech determines how many fleets you can run at one time.  The more fleet slots you have available the more missions you can run, and the more attacks on abandoned worlds you can run.  Missions and attacks on abandoned worlds bring in resources.  Resources you will need to build stuff.  Don’t count on just your mines producing what you need or you will grow very, very slowly.
  • Espionage Tech is also important.  Espionage Tech determines how much information you get when you probe other worlds to see if they are worth attacking.  Espionage Tech also determines how well you stop others from spying on you and seeing what you have.  There is an equation for it (found on the Wiki pages), to figure out how much info you will get.

Starfleet Commander – Exploring New Worlds

So maybe you play for a while and you say – hey, I send out my Hermes probe ships but I’m getting very little information back.  What can I do, I can’t afford a new level of Espionage Tech right now?

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