Need for Speed Underground 2: Car Settings

Learn how to make the most of your garage time. With this articles you will learn how to make your car unleash all it’s horse power.

Need For Speed Underground 2 was probably one of the first games with total freedom, you no linger play in a two dimensional scenario with no freedom. Here with a GPS you can go anywhere in the world!

The first thing to do is to pick the best car. The Mitsubishi is the best one so far. It has a very cool noise and also the best top speed which is all you need now. Tune the car to have more acceleration than speed and sacrifice the first gears to have a better 3rd, 4th and 5th. The first gears will never be used in racing. Put the 5th at max speed and the other two very close to it so this way you are always running the car with the best Torque.

Once you start to get upgrades you need to tune it even more. Nitrous is best used when you have it in the middle, nor too powerful, nor too long. Make the math. Power*Time= Best Nitrous.

Turbo and the ECU are the most important tunes you will make. Give all the power to the highest RPM and the least power to the lower RPM. This way you will have the best performance when you have your engine running at high RPM which is what the gears you set before make it happen! It’s all a great combination.

Keep in mind that some parts will stay in that car forever. The good looking parts are not important but the performance parts are! You need to which to the best car as soon as you can. Which is the best car? Very hard to tell, but the Skyline is the best one for most people because it’s easier to drive than others.

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