Setting Up Squawkbox

This tutorial will teach you how to properly set up SquawkBox. Detailed screenshots and step by step instructions included.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to properly set up SquawkBox so you can get started right away.

This tutorial requires that the software is setup and that you have a VATSIM account. Please visit here if you haven’t done so already.

Assuming you will be starting Squawkbox from inside the sim, once you have started a flight, hit the ALT key. The flight sim menu should appear. Continue by clicking Modules and then Start Squawkbox.

The main Squawkbox window should appear. Click Start then Connect.

The connect window should appear. We are connecting to VATSIM.

Follow the 7 steps below to properly connect to VATSIM.

STEP 1 – Select a server, doesn’t really matter, but one closer to your location is better

STEP 2 – Enter your VATSIM User ID supplied to you by email

STEP 3 – Enter your VATSIM password

STEP 4  - Select an appropriate callsign based on the airline (or general aviation) aircraft you are flying. The pilot resource center is a great resource for new pilots: Read here on choosing a callsign.

STEP 5 – Select the ICAO code of your home airport or hub if you are with a virtual airline.

STEP 6- Enter your real name! Failure to do so may result in a ban!

STEP 7 – Click Aircraft List. Select the aircraft you will be flying. I have already added mine.

This window controls the aircraft profiles that you will use on VATSIM. In my case, I will already have a list of aircraft. However, you will probably have none. Click Add.

You must do this for each aircraft that you will be flying. This is important so that you will be displayed as the correct aircraft (airline and livery if applicable) to other users. As long as everyone follows these basic steps, we won’t have problems such as unrecognizable aircraft. Go ahead and click OK twice for both dialog boxes. You are ready to connect to VATSIM. Click Connect.

Take a look. There’s Squawkbox for you. To learn how to use Squawkbox, please check out my user guide on Squawkbox here. The final step involves working with SquawkBox settings for displaying multiplayer traffic.

From the main SquawkBox window hit Start and then Options.

Head over to the multiplayer tab. Now all you need to do is move any custom AI model sets you have installed above the VIP3 Model Set and Default Models like below.

Now you are all set. Press OK and you have successfully set up SquawkBox. Congratulations! Make sure you check out my complete tutorial on using SquawkBox here.

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