Sims 3: It’s Supposed to be the Best Yet, But is It?

This article is my take on Sims 3, I tell how your computer has to be completely filled w/new video cards, and several other things. Also, you’ll have some links to real people reporting bugs found in theirs games, and how it’s not even COMPATIBLE with most computers.

The new Sims 3 was promised to be the ultimate update to the Sims series, with better graphics and way more options. Who wouldn’t want to be able to personilize your Sim’s voice, clothes, home, and well, pretty much everything in between? In fact, everything about Sims 3 was going to be fresh, new, and definitely different. I was so ready to get this game, that I had it reserved months ahead of time. But little did I know the problems that came with Sims 3.

I picked the game up the day it came out, June 2nd. On the way home I read about alot of new features I didn’t even realize Sims 3 had. I was getting more and more excited and by the time I got home, I was practically running to my computer. Installation took forever, but finally I got to start my game. I was amazed at the change of quality, and automatically started custimizing my version of myself. I was a bit disappointed in the lack of hairstyles, because they were either old looking, or had a hat of somesort. I was expecting at least one normal hairstyle. I ended up choosing one with a headband. But as I was doing her lowlights, my computer completly shut down. Once it was back on, it proceeded to tell me it had recovered from a serious error. I tried playing AGAIN, with another crash(While I was saving the family! UGHH.)

Now, I am a huge computer nerd, and I do not like when my computer crashes. But, as I read the problem, I was astounded. My Intel had been the problem. My Intel? WHAT? I keep my computer up-to-date with no problems. I went through alot of processes, which had  gotton me no further. I tried what someone from Intel told me to do, and it didn’t work. In fact, nothing did. So I went to my last option, Sims 3 help. I clicked on ‘Having trouble playing Sims 3?’. It said somewhere in there, my computer may not be able to run the system. I clicked on a link to check if my computer could run Sims 3. I found out, my computer in fact couldn’t run it. Okay, you might say, that’s just you. But none of the other 3 computers(One bought for 08 Christmas, brand new) could run either. OR my boyfriends brand new computer.  I also read on the forums a variety of OTHER problems. This game is INVESTED with bugs. No patch is even out yet.

It’s your decision weather to purchase this game or not, but I would for sure wait. At least until the bugs are gone, or a patch is here. Plus the price will go down. Sure, the game looks great, if you can afford a new video card, and CPU. Also you’ll need more video, CPU, and system ram. Sure, Sims 3 is excellent. But at what cost? I believe this a problem Sims is going to have to learn from. I guess it was way more disappointing for me because I am a Sims fanatic. But seriously, everyone should take a closer look into this before they purchase.

To find out if your computer can run Sims 3…go click on the link below and click on Perform Your Check Now! under System Requirements Center.

To take a look at some other problems people having…click on one of the links below.

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