The Sims 3: Death Guide

A list and description of all possible deaths in The Sims 3.

Old Age

If aging is enabled, Sims will eventually die of old age, depending on what the Lifespan is set to. This death is the most common and leaves Sims at ease. Death of old age can occur at any time while the Sim is a Senior, although some Sims live longer than others based on their health. Sims that die of Old Age turn into white ghosts.


Sims are prone to drowning while swimming in a swimming pool, not while in a hot tub. Sims usually only drown in they are hungry or tired, however it is possible for them to drown with full needs. Sims that die of Drowning turn into blue ghosts.


Sims die from electrocution while repairing electrical appliances. This usually only occurs when Sims have a low level handiness, however it is possible for Sims to be electrocuted with high level handiness. The more expensive and complex the appliance, the more likely it is for a Sim to be electrocuted whilst repairing it. Sims that die of Electrocution turn into yellow ghosts.


Fire is possibly the most classic means of a Sims’ death. Fires are probable when a Sim cooks on a low quality stove with a low level cooking skill. However, just because a fire starts doesn’t mean a Sim is going to die. Sims have to catch fire in order to die, which usually occurs when Sims are either in the vicinity when the fire begins, or attempt to fight the fire. Fires can also start due to fireplaces. Sims that die from a Fire turn into red ghosts.

Meteor Shower

Meteor Showers only occur with The Sims 3: Ambitions expansion. A black shadow will appear over your Sim, and if they don’t move they will be crushed by a giant meteor. Multiple Sims can be killed by a meteor. Sims that die from Meteor Showers turn into orange ghosts.

Mummy’s Curse

Mummy’s Curse is only a death threat with The Sims 3: World Adventures expansion. If your Sim loses to a Mummy in a fight, they may be cursed. If your Sim is then cursed, you will have 14 days to cure the curse by kissing a king cobra, seeking out the Great Sphinx, or sleeping in the blessed sarcophagus of kings. If the curse is not cured, your Sim will die. Sims that die from the Mummy’s Curse turn into black ghosts.


Sims that do not eat for 48 hours will die of starvation, so it’s pretty easy to prevent. If your Sim doesn’t grab a snack from the fridge in that time period, your Sim will die. Sims that die of Starvation turn into purple ghosts.

If you don’t want your Sim to die, you can prevent it in two ways:

  • Death Flower
    The Death Flower is exchangeable to the Grim Reaper for your Sim’s life. Death Flowers can be found in cemeteries, and can also be grown with special seeds in your Sim’s garden.
  • Unlucky Trait
    The Grim Reaper takes pity on Unlucky Sims that die of unnatural causes, which makes the Unlucky trait very useful in times of, literally, life and death.

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