The Sims Go on Vacation: Bon Voyage

The latest Sims 2 expansion pack has arrived. Bon Voyage arrives with a splash. There are three vacation spots to choose from: an island vacation, a trip to the far east, and a mountain getaway.

Bon Voyage, each vacation spot offers its own set of vacation mementos. Local gestures can be learned at each spot, and special cuisine can be sampled as well.

Special things can be done at each location, with maps that lead to hidden lots at each locale. For instance, a certain furry friend named Bigfoot can be found in the mountains, a dragon legend can be learned in the far east, and a voodoo doll can be earned in the islands. The secret of teleportation can be learned from ninjas. Be aware though, that a question has to be answered correctly to earn the right of knowledge. Tours are something that can be taken at every location. Chance cards will pop up on every tour, and the answer will decide how the tour has gone.

Sims can now have poison ivy, for instance. Bees chasing them when they come back is also a real possibility. Money and skill points can be earned, and skill points lost. Maps to secret locations can be found.

It is very simple to take your sim on vacation. Just call and book a vacation on the phone, or book a vacation online on the computer. The lot will be saved, and the sim will arrive back at essentially the same time he or she left. If there are children, toddlers, infants, or pets at home, a nanny or other family member will have to stay with them. Children may go on vacations or not, but toddlers, infants, and pets cannot. A female sim can get pregnant on vacation, but the pregnancy will not progress while gone.

Some of the most special things that come with the expansion pack, however, have nothing to do with vacations. For instance, the long awaited jewelry arrives on the scene. Turn ons and turn offs, which haven’t been added to since the Nightlife expansion pack, suddenly have had several new additions. Community lots, as long as you are at a hotel, can now be slept on, and saved at. Community lots can now include weddings. How about a nice wedding at the local park? Also, Sims can now walk to lots and don’t need a taxi or a car to get where they are going. There are some nice new roofs, floors, walls, and furniture that comes with the package as well. There is even clothing that Sims can wear to blend in with the locals on their vacations. Sims can now be invited to stay for three days at a time as a house guest.

Another nice new addition is the massages that Sims can learn and purchase, not to mention the saunas and hot springs. Sims can also buy souvenirs, and dig for treasure as well. They can get their pictures taken, and even order photos and albums to be delivered from their computers back home. Vacation homes can even be purchased! A sim can now own a home away from home. There are advantages to this, as they can continue to learn skills in their vacation homes, whereas they cannot at hotels.
Many of the vacation memories can actually be learned in your home neighborhoods. Things like local gestures can be taught to the Sims back home, once one sim goes on vacation and learns it. Serving and drinking tea, are also things that can be done at home. Axe throwing is another fine example. Bigfoot can even be met, as long as a sim has asked him to move in.

A few things that are drawbacks to the expansion pack however, is the fact that hotels cannot be owned as businesses. Jewelry cannot be recolored in the body shop either. These are fairly minor, although having both of these would have been very nice. They would have made wonderful additions. Overall however, the expansion pack is a good one, and well worth the money.

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