Dylan Jobe: “Special Sauce” Planned for Warhawk Players

Dylan made a rather interesting remark on the official playstation blog earlier today.

Dylan Jobe is the president of LightBox Interactive who are hard at work on their next game Starhawk, the so called spiritual successor to Warhawk, which was a smash hit when it came out all the way back in 2007. Recently the team is busy at Comic-Con showing off single-player footage. Earlier today, Jobe made a stop at the Playstation Blog to show a new trailer for the game that showed off some impressive animations. What he said in the comments in reply to a user is quite interesting:

Dylan: “I can’t speak to specifics yet, but we “are” planning some “special sauce” for all of our Warhawk fans!! Stay tuned!”

This was a reply to a user who wanted to know if Generals from Warhawk would get early beta access. Only time will tell, what this “special sauce” truly is.

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