Positive Ions Have Bad Effects on Health

Positive ions have bad effects on health.

Electronic devices typically produce many positive ions, such as computer, Air Conditioner (AC) which is not equipped with a conventional cluster plasma or water purifier also produces positive ions.
negative ions have several good effects on human health, you can visit this LINK  for more information.
positive ions have a less good effects on health including:
- Able to promote a chemical imbalance of the human body, so that can harm our health.
- Poisoning of positive ions can even trigger the production of the hormone serotonin in the brain, which can cause anxiety.
- May cause blood abnormalities dyscresia or blood clotting disorder.
Too many positive ions in the air will be absorbed by the body. On the other hand, the walls of the blood cells are negatively charged.
As a result of this opposite charge, there will be attraction between the wall of blood cells and positive ions. This is what led to the blood clotting causing embolism or blockage. If the embolism occurs in the brain and may affect bleeding or stroke, when in the lungs will result in respiratory disorders. Meanwhile, if the embolism that occurred in the heart or kidneys, it is the heart attack and kidney failure.
The main causes of Sick Building Syndrome has nothing to do with pollution and infectious bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, but because the ratio between the number of negative ions and positive ions in the air that is not balanced. In normal, healthy and fresh air content of negative ions and positive ions are ideal minimum ratio of five positive and four negaitf. Causes of Sick Building Syndrome is the result of the comparison of negative ions and positive ions are reversed, resulting in positive ion poisoning. Housing and building a healthy and ideal of open land (not cemented or asphalt) and the building is 3:2
Today, housing, modern housing and office buildings were far from negative ions. Computers, lights, ventilation systems, and materials of modern buildings that contain a lot of positive ions.

Man-made product that can generate negative ions are:
Equipped with plasma cluster air conditioning or air purifier, negative ion generator, air purifier, air IONIZER, car IONIZER, showers, fountains, showers.

producing natural negative ions
lot of lightnings (from powerful storms), rain, waterfalls, river, stone granite.

there is no harm if we refresh with the tour to the top of the mountain or waterfall, because we will feel the negative ion concentration and the benefits are great there.

in this list below, Concentration levels of Negative Ions in Different Environments:
Environmental Level – Ion *
Waterfall = 95000-450000
Mountains & Forests Cool = 50000-100000
Green Grass carpet = 5000-50000
Urban = 100-2000
Office = Room 40-100
Room with conventional AC = 00-20
* Approximate cubic content of the Negative Ion percentimeter (cc3)

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