"7 Little Words Answers" for Symphony Level-complete 50 Levels Cheats

Here are the "7 little words answers" for the Symphony level completely 50 levels answers and clouds level answers,bridges level answers,sunrise level answers,chocolate level answers,Impossible level answers,Coffee level answers and Lemonade level answers.

“7 Little Words” Answers in The Sunrise Package!

“7 Little Words Answers” for sun rise level answers

The “7 Little Words” Answers for The Bridges Package are Here! and you can use these 7 little words cheats you can play these levels easy

“7 Little Words Answers” for The “Chocolate” Level and 7 Little Words chocolate level cheats for playing game easy.

Seven Little Words Answers for Clouds Level-complete (50 Levels)

“7 Little Words Answers” for Impossible Level (21Levels)cheats

“7 Little Words Answers” for Coffee Level-complete 50 Levels Answers

“7 Little Words Answers” for Symphony Level-complete 50 Levels Cheats

“7 Little Words Answers” for Lemonade Level-complete 50 Levels

“7 Little Words Answers” for Beaches Level-complete 50 Levels Cheats

“7 Little Words Answers” for Sequoias Level-complete 20 Levels Cheats

Here are the Symphony level cheats:

Answers to Symphony1

1. voice opposition to (10 letters) CONTROVERT 2. playground structure (5 letters) SLIDE 3. unplanned meeting (9 letters) ENCOUNTER 4. desire to be evil (6 letters) MALICE 5. medical listening device (11 letters) STETHOSCOPE 6. Fort Benning’s state (7 letters) GEORGIA 7. “chief” of the skydivers (8 letters) GERONIMO

Answers to Symphony2

1. goldbrick (8 letters) MALINGER 2. symbol of a physician (8 letters) CADUCEUS 3. talk with your hands (11 letters) GESTICULATE 4. what a cygnet grows up to be (4 letters) SWAN 5. indirect suggestion (11 letters) INSINUATION 6. longtime “Nightline” host (6 letters) KOPPEL 7. labyrinth (4 letters) MAZE

Answers to Symphony3

1. dike gap (6 letters) BREACH 2. space field (9 letters) ASTRONOMY 3. red vegetable (4 letters) BEET 4. never ending (9 letters) PERPETUAL 5. bring new life to (10 letters) REGENERATE 6. apply force to (6 letters) COERCE 7. woman with snaky hair (4 letters) GORGON

Answers to Symphony4

1. large-caliber guns (9 letters) ARTILLERY 2. take the wrong way (11 letters) MISCONSTRUE 3. take part in an election (4 letters) VOTE 4. comic strips (7 letters) FUNNIES 5. one ruing with an iron fist (6 letters) DESPOT 6. crossroads of the South Pacific (4 letters) FIJI 7. make sure of (9 letters) ASCERTAIN

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