Avatar;s Jake Response to: It’s Hard to Fill a Cup That’s Already Full

This is just a little essay on Jake’s response to : It’s hard to fill a cup that is already full.

In the movie Avatar, Jake was told that it is hard to fill a cup that is already full. In my opinion, the cup represents someone’s life, or brain, and the fullness represents the person’s views, values and morals; it may also mean your point of view on things, how you approach difficulties in your life, or the ideas you have in your mind. Jake’s response was “My cup is empty, trust me.” This means that he doesn’t have the same views as the other sky people. Instead, he doesn’t have any specific views, or takes on anything yet; he is ready to learn new ideas, morals, and values.

When you have a cup with water in it, and add a couple drops of coffee, the color changes dramatically. However, if you had the same amount of coffee as you did water; and also put the same amount water that you did with coffee, the results would not be the same. You would see that the water hardly affected the coffee. It would take a lot more water to affect the coffee as it did to the water in the example before. That same principle can be applied to everyday life.  In this example, coffee would be the “bad” choices, values, or morals; the water would be the “good” choices, values, or morals. The “bad” choices or values can easily affect your “good” morals. On the other hand, it takes a lot more “good” choices to affect your “bad” morals.

            Therefore, someone may have a full cup, and that cup may be full of bad things. In the movie, this would represent the chief. He may have a lot of values, but they are ill-mannered (his cup is full of coffee). Even if he wanted to change his coffee cup to water, the amount he left in the cup is not enough to let the water do anything.

People may tend to think this way because they think that once something is learnt, and it is used frequently that it is near impossible to undo. In the movie, the guy leading the whole operation of demolishing the natives’ home tree to get money, even after seeing the native point of view he didn’t care; he went on with the operation and destroyed their homeland. That would be an example of a full cup that won’t get any fuller, or that won’t get empty to put some new things in the cup. Actions like that are why some people think that it is hard to fill a cup that is already full.

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