Best Zombie Survival Games (Pc)

It’s hard to find good zombie games these days isn’t it?

These days it is hard and I mean very hard to find fun and long lasting Zombie Games where you can:

1. Level up and Assign Stats to wield better guns.

2. Survive and fight zombies plus loot for items.

3. In-game currency and/or NPC’s

4. And much more!

So with that the list below are some of the best Zombie Games that are Free-To-Play or Pay-To-Play or a one time payment. 

Dead Frontier

This is one of the best zombie MMORPG games you will never come across for another century. You can loot, fight with friends, go to the marketplace to sell or buy items, Fight special zombies and boss zombies! Even you can do fun and rewarding missions plus PVP! Please keep in mind this game is still in it’s Open Beta phase.

Project Zomboid

Another zombie game but different from Dead Frontier. This game is still in pre-alpha but at the time is still very fun. Currently you can do quests to help your wife survive use a pillow to….well lets just say it makes your life easier. Also you can free roam and loot the neighborhood and currently kill hostile NPC’s and take their stuff. Since it’s still pre-alpha at the time, mods in the forums make the game even more fun too! The cool thing also is that you can craft weapons and other things just like Dead Rising.

Upcoming Updates will include:

More quests, a bigger neighborhood, friendly NPC’s, more craftable items and even better, multiplayer and alot more!

Get it by“>Clicking Here to buy it now for just $8  while it’s still in pre-alpha and you get all the updates free. If you would like to test the game with a free demo,“>Click Here but the demo is clearly outdates so it’s best to buy the current game which is very cheap for just $8.

Thank you for reading my guide, this has been another random comment from James, Peace!

About the Author:

Name: James Munoz

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    Dead Frontier & Project Zomboid are two nice online zombie MMORPG. But if you like these game then you should definitely checkout Zombie Pandemic –, its awesome zombie MMORPG game with deeper gameplay, cooler missions and roleplaying.

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