Blood Death Knight Vss. Retribution Paladin

A guide for a blood death knight to beat a Retribution Paladin.

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Let me start by saying that I have a lot of experience in world of warcraft and I consider myself one of the best in stormstrike until I retired a few months ago. I play every now and then just for kicks, but devote most of my time share tips and tricks with others. I’ve played every class to 80 and probably know every trick there is to know. You do not have the best gear or enchants and epic gems to win. You just have to be calm, and my folder.

If a blood death knight a few classes you love to see walking by themselves, and there are some that you avoid. All death knights hate two things, Shamans and other Death Knights. You probably hate death fight other knights most, but after this, maybe you’ll have a change of heart.

In the first place, let me suggest a deep blood builds dancing rune weapon and dive in to frost lichborne and extinction. If you specifically build into my website This guide is based on a build similar to this with rune tap, hysteria, Vampiric blood lichborne and dancing rune weapon. You also learn the key binding if you do not already. This is a great help and cut down on the time your eyes from the enemy.

I will go through a very different scenario with you. Along the way, I’ll throw in a few tips you may have never seen before and some strategies that I know you never use.

The retribution paladin can be the hardest game to you in the game. The photo will be a great weapon, bars, healing, movement, cc, and locks out lichborne you and your pet will be a quick kill. I will honestly say that you will have outgear or paladin outskill. If you are not on par with ret you fight, you will die. This guide can help you with the skills, but you’ll have to get gear for yourself.

This is one of the rare fights you will fight in frost presence alone. This will help your rune cocks, attack power of your points, and other scale capabilities. It will also help the damage you take from all attacks.

Buckle down now because this fight will be fast and furious start. You want fast AMS to blow in this battle. Time to burst combos and pop it quick. I also pop IBF quickly in this fight. The trick is to your health above 75% to keep the first few seconds so you can rune tap for the next burst cycle.

You treat it as a holy Paladin DPS wise. You want DRW macro quick to blow. Ret Paladins are very strong and know that it’s such a lot going in the struggle to think they will train for you. Use it to your advantage and pop defense early and burst back. You will be able to burst half of them before the bubble.

For the other half of that respect and play smart, can proceed. This will pallys bubble during your DRW which sucks, but you are forced to drink quickly. As they gurgle you can count on your pet dies and they heal to full, plus do a little damage to you.

Sometimes you can run the friends uncle if you’re still in the S5/t7 series. If you S6/t7.5 and you can forget running the friends uncle. You want the paladin to stop running away and healing with a flash heal. You also want to time your mind freeze. Ret Paladins will use FOL as she gets a hot off of it. This makes it difficult for your freezer to mind, but it is very possible. You should view any cast bar freezes. (Really skilled rets will fake fireplace so you waste line freeze. If the friends you fight, it is skilled then your work cut out.) The good thing is you know FOL is coming to a fireplace. Use your strangulate directly to the fake fireplace that you control the pace.

If at any time you get the added close to death (to drink), then you need a CC and COI rotation trinket if he tries to walk. Again, you can not use lichborne on this one unless you have a full RP bar. You can lichborne and DC to cancel then lichborne if you think you have 4 seconds of free time and your bandage is on the CD.

AMS will be cooled once the fighting is normal. Use this during burst cycles when you can expect. IBF will also be cooled again if you use it early enough. You want rune every CD you are 75% less drain. Vampiric blood will help you survive control bars when all cooldowns used.

It’s more of a gear / skill race then anything. You must include your gear is raised or the paladin will burst you down fast. If you outgeared way, your only chance to all cooldowns to blow and hope you can slip in and burst him down before the bell. If a paladin overgeared get a drink off you can toast is so over and COI kite until you get some help.

-Brandon C.; Aka. darksun22

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