Crossfire Black Market : What are The Tips and Tricks to Winning? : How Much Do I Spin

The Crossfire Black Market allows players to win rare guns that are not obtainable any other way. You also get some other cool temporary items. But how do people win these guns?

The Black Market is a really good way to obtain cool guns to show of to fellow crossfire players. The temporary items also give your character some bling. So how do you win the items?

Firstly what’s in the Black Market?

Well as a crossfire player you can access the BM once you are in a server by following the blue tab up the that says “Black Market”. Here’s the Black Market Interface (This picture is old, there are now many more crates)

The Crates

Crates that are seasonal will not be listed today.

ZP Crates

- Kriss Super V

- AK-47 Scope

- M4A1- Custom

- AWM Red Dragon

- M60 Advance

- Gatling Gun

- D Eagle Scope

- RPK Gold

- AK-47 Knife

GP Crates

- D Eagle Camo

- Anaconda Advance

- Steyr Aug A1 Camo

- AK-47 Camo

- XM8 Advance

- Thompson/Winchester

- Beretta AR70

- M-16 Scope

- MSG90

Now there are many rumours and ideas about how to successfully win the permanent gun from any of the crates. A typical image is the one below,

Often people will also post techniques about how many crates to buy and whether or not to open them in quick succession or not.

Sorry to break it to you guys, but this article was not trying to tell you tricks for winning guns because there simply isn’t any. The Black Market is strictly luck based. No matter how other people put it, and how many people say the method worked the Black Market is luck not pattern or opening a certain number at a time. Unless you work for Crossfire, there is no way of calculating the probability or every crate. Even if you went ahead and opened 200 crates, it would still be hard to deduce because every crates possess that probability.

All I’m trying to say is that the BM is all luck and despite many people saying they got it in the first 2 crates, that’s because they were damn lucky. Some people take 50 crates and get nothing, that’s just your bad luck. So don’t complain that the method someone told you didn’t work. It was your fault for believing them in the first place.

So just take your own chances, there is no particular spot, no particular waiting time, no particular opening rate.


Happy Gaming


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    Well per crates, theirs total of 10 items including the perm and so… if u calculate all in all…..:

    Calculations (percentage)
    lets say im going to buy 25 zp crates
    Ex: 1
    1/10 x 25 crates = 250% divided by 10%= 25% is ur chances in every crates

    the one \”1\” is the perm gun
    the ten \”10\” is items

    Lets say im going to buy 10 crates
    Ex: 2
    1/10 x 10 crates = 100% divided by 10%= 10% CHANCE

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