Crossfire Coupons : What are They? : How Do I Get Them?

Don’t know what crossfire coupons are? Or want to know how to get them?

Crossfire Coupons may or may not be a mystery to you. But every Crossfire player will always encounter it when they get into the black market of the game, or see someone with a rare gun and don’t know where to purchase it. So here’s a little guide and introduction to what crossfire coupons are.

If you already know what I’m talking about and would like to know what you can exchange with the coupons then read my other article here.

What are Crossfire Coupons?

A Crossfire coupon is a bonus currency within the game Crossfire. It is used to purchase various weapons unique to the coupon system. Many weapons can only be exchanged in for crossfire coupons and are unobtainable any other way in the game. Crossfire coupons will help enhance your gaming experience by giving you that extra edge in-game.

How do I get Crossfire Coupons?

Now that you know what a Crossfire coupon is, you must be thinking “How do i get them?” Well I’ve got all the knowledge to tell you. Crossfire Coupons are won via the black market which can be located in the middle left when in-game by the blue icon with “Black Market”. The Black market in itself is a whole other article but basically you can purchase crates for either GP or ZP. 1 Gp crate costs 2000Gp and 1 ZP crates costs 1000ZP. the more you purchase at one time the cheaper they are per crate going up from 1,5,10. Once you have purchased a crate you may choose to open it, just head to the “owned crates” tab and open it. Hold down the spin button and release when you feel lucky.

So he way to get crossfire coupons is via crates. Crossfire coupons are not 100% guarantee from crates, but it is certain that ZP crates give you a better chance then GP crates. But obviously the more crates you open the more likely you are to get a coupons, but the crates chances are valued individually. Once you have gotten a crossfire coupon a little circle with “CF” on it will appear to be at the bottom of the “owned crates” tab. Its like a little badge saying you have a coupon. You may only have 100 coupons at any give time.

Are they really worth it?

So now you’re thinking “are they really worth it?” Well you may think that wasting precious GP and ZP and sometimes getting nothing is a waste. And you would be correct for the most part, as ZP costs real life currency and GP may be purchased through real life currency, it would seem pointless wasting money and gaining nothing.

But here are some stats for you, for every 10 ZP crates you open you will receive around 8 coupons and for every 10 Gp crates you open you will receive around 4 coupons. You must also remember that opening crates isn’t just about getting coupons, opening ZP crates gains you a lot of GP, 10 ZP crates is about 60k GP, while ZP crates give you many guns for days, combat axe, field shovel, name cards and best of all the permanent gun. GP crates offer similar but only offer regular item mall guns such as M4A1 or K-2, GR and BL cards, and the permanent gun.

So gambling with crates when you have the extra money or ZP is actually quite worthwhile.

Now you have coupons want to know what you exchange with them?


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