Crossfire Ghost Mode (Gm) Tips

A little guide for the free online multiplayer shooting game Crossfire based on the mode Ghost Mode.

Have you ever played a Crossfire Ghost Mode game and have ended a game with a Kill Death rate of 4/16? Well that is about to change! I myself play Crossfire and the only game mode I play is ghost mode. There are many methods into being one of the best without cheats or hacks! I have never used cheats for this game as I believe they are pointless. There are two teams in this game, the Black List team which are the ghosts and only use knifes and the Global Risk(GR) team which you can say are police man and their duty is to stop the BL(Black List) team from planting the bomb. I give you tips on how to own people on both teams.

First up is the GR team(This is the team I always play on)

Step 1:
The very first thing you want to do is put your gamma(brightness) up so you can see the ghosts a little better, at least up to 90. This is not cheating in anyway as if the ghost stops moving, he will be invisible, but when he moves a little you will be able to see him slightly visible.

Step 2:
When you play this mode, I recommend to turn of the music you are listening to or what ever it is that makes noise except the computer. I myself never play music and mute my television during these games. The reason for this is so you can hear the ghosts breath and/or footsteps. If you hear footsteps, don’t be frightened and start shooting everywhere. There is a way to tell the difference. Ghosts footsteps are quick. Your teammates footsteps will be rather slow, even if he pulls out his knife to start running. Don’t start shooting everywhere because if you shoot, you wont be able to hear them.

Step 3:
Pinpointing is the most important part of this game for a GR. You don’t want to be 1 minute in the game and have already wasted your ammo. What you want to do is try to hear the breathing of the ghost. The way I do it is if I hear the ghost breathing coming out of my right speaker, I will point my gun to the right. If I hear the breath to the left, I will point the gun to the left until i can hear the breathing coming out of both speakers. This means that the ghost is either in front of you, on top of you or on the bottom of you. Keep your eyes sharp for any quick movements from the ghost. Walking is always a great idea because when you run, you will hear your own footsteps and you will never hear the ghost coming from behind you.

Step 4:
If the ghost has planted the bomb, the best thing to do is lure them out. Go up to the bomb and start defusing. Wait about 1-3 seconds and back off of the bomb. The ghost will think you are trying to defuse it so he will most likely come after you. That way when he does, you will be ready for him and he will miss you, but you have the chance to kill him.

Step 5:
If you are doing great in the game and you are not cheating, but the people are calling you a hacker, the best thing to do is ignore them. If they keep harassing you, just say report me then, I have nothing to fear. They most likely won’t but when they do, the game admins will check if you were hacking, but since you weren’t you have nothing to worry about. They will see you are a legit player.

Okay now it is time for BL

Step 1:
There is a routine called bhopping, short for bunny hopping. What this does is makes you move and still be invisible so your enemy will not see you. It is fairly easy, but it takes practice to master it. Here is how it goes. The first thing you want to do is crouch by pressing the CTRL button. Next would be the S button to move backwards and after the SPACEBAR button. Once you start moving backwards, keep tapping the spacebar button to keep moving back. Eventually you will be invisible. Get as close to your enemy as possible and stab him in the head for a 1 shot 1 kill deal. Once dead and there are other enemies around him, bhop your way out of there.

Step 2:
Remember what I have said about luring the ghosts out? Well you don’t have to fall for that. If you see the GR player move back, just stay where you are until he moves back for the bomb. That is the perfect chance to strike. Forget about his covering players as the defusing player is the most important because you don’t want to lose the game.

Well that is all the tips I know so far. If I get any more, I will be sure to come back and edit. Happy Ghost Hunting =P

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