Crossfire, How to Do The Corner Glitch

With this article I want to tell you how to perform the cornerglitch in many crossfire maps.

Crossfire is an First Player Shooter Game, i get a awesome glitch. THE CORNER GLITCH! U want to do him? Here I teach you how to do him. In only five fast steps! Lets Go.

Step one.

Go on a box.

Step two.

Go at the corner, crouch (or stand up) and look down towards it.

Step three.

While crouching, press fast your forward- and backward-key or left and right. 

Step four.

When u feel your character is falling down go forward and crouch.

Step five.

Kill them all and have fun.

Spots in maps!

Map Egypt : Its hard to do corner glitch there.

Map Ship  : Two or three nice corner glitch spots not more.

Map Port (Mutation mode )  : I think there are three nice corner glitch spots there. Its so funny to kill the mutations.

Map Laboratory : Two nice corner glitch spots.

Map Prison : Two nice spots there.

Map Eagle Eyes : I think two corner glitch spots.

Map Factory : One or two good corner glitch spots.

Map Lost Relics : One or two corner glitch spots.

Map Santoria  : I think there two or three corner glitch spots.

Map Alaska : At every base one spot to do corner glitch .

Map Metro : Some glitches that u can help for good score.

Map BlackWidow : three glitches in this map.

Map Zone 13 : There are two very cool glitches here because in mutation mode you can’t kick someone.

If I cant teach you, look at video’s at you-tube.

And if you are good at the corner glitch, you can find new nice spots to glitch, like me.

PS. if there newbies that says ”I report you”, then no of them does that.

Hope this helps! And get much fun with this awesome glitch.

Thanks for reading my article!

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    OH REaly NICE fjer4

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    Posted June 20, 2010 at 10:25 am

    ya nice it works

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    sir prang may kulang e sa mga steps ayw nmn gumana e pde pa turo nlng

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