Escape The Ladies Room Walkthrough

A walkthrough of how to do it!

Escape the Ladies Room Walkthrough

1) In the start of the game, get the drinking straw from the top side of the second stall.

2) Then open the first stall and get the sheet of square toilet paper near the toilet.

3) Click on the right side and turn in to the second part, where you get the spray by clicking on the trash can from the bottom right and take a die from inside. On this page you need to note the picture on the dryer to reveal number and also note the color code of the trash can sign.

4) On this page click on the third mirror which is dirty, use the spray on it and also collect nail file. And then click on the hand dryer, switch on the hand dryer and use the toilet sheet on hand dryer and get number (eg. 55). Then double click on right side and reach at the baby changing station, where you can use the color code (green, red and blue) which was set in the trash can sign and open the strange lock and then obtain the rag and remind the Pac-man figure.

5) Click on the right side and go to the first page, now again click on the third door which is set with “out of order sign” use the nail file on it and get the screw driver. Then use this screw driver on the top left side of the first stall to open the screws and get the bracket. Then use this bracket on the right side of the floor to crack it and get a wrench box. Go return to the door and use the wrench box to get the plate off which is set with strange symbol.

6) After then select one by one symbols which you noted during the play: 5, 5, grey die, cross sign, pink dot round and Pac-man yellow round which is cut from one side. Then click on the grey square and go to right side.

7) Now click on the third sink and on the water and use the sheet of toilet paper; get a soggy ball of the paper and combine it with drinking straw. Then go to the left and upper side twice and use the straw soggy ball. Get the plunger by double clicking on upper side.  After then again go to first stall and use the plunger to clean the toilet and get the key. And then go to the door and use the key and escape the ladies room safely.

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