Ffxiv Fishing Guide

This FFXIV Fishing Guide will teach you the very basics, all you need to know about Fishing in Final Fantasy 14. This is a great Fishing guide for FFXIV.

FFXIV Fishing Guide

Final Fantasy 14 has a very unique fishing system so I made this FFXIV Fishing Guide to help you learn the basics. If you want to fish in FFXIV you need to make sure you have a Fishing Rod and some Bait, this will help you to use this FFXIV Fishing Guide.

Find a Fishing spot in FFXIV and make sure to have this Fishing Guide open. Then you click Fish and play the mini game. The basic rules of this FFXIV Fishing Guide are to make sure to follow the following steps.

1. Always select “Wait” until a message reads “You feel a bite” This is a very important part of this FFXIV Fishing Guide

2. If you ever see the message “The fish is tired” attempt to hit exactly the same spot again. Without using this method from this FFXIV Fishing Guide you won’t be able to catch a lot of your Fish.

3. Always use blood worm bait – You can fish on the fly as this FFXIV Fishing Guide recommends Bloodworms to be the best bait for Fishing in Final Fantasy XIV.

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