First Footage of Mag with Move Support, Looks Promising

The new beta for MAG comes with a nice little surprise, instructions on how to use the PS Move. One youtuber who somehow had a Playstation Move decided to give it try, and it looks pretty darn good.

If you kinda felt turned off by the Move’s capabilities on a standard shooter after watching that Killzone 3 footage, you might want to see how MAG looks. The game looks and plays almost identical to the Dual-shock based on the following footage. It looks to be a nice diversion for those who want to try something new, or get another dose of  MAG in a different experience. Throwing grenades, aiming, it’s all here.

I don’t know about you, but the Move is looking to be a sweet addition to current and upcoming games and I personally look forward to giving it a spin when it comes out later this year in September.

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