Five Great Minecraft Texture Packs Three

These are five of the best Minecraft texture packs out on the web!

1. Modern Craft- This texture pack is designed to give Minecraft a very modern feel. It it very well made and has some awesome features including caution blocks, steel ladders, lights, and many more amazing features! This one ranks number one because it is so unique. The description even says that once you download it you will never have to download another texture pack again!

You can download it here!

2. Ovo’s Rustic Pack- This one has a very rustic feel to it. It gives Minecraft a very unique and special feel. This one is definitely worth downloading!

Download it here!

3. Wizzy Craft- This one is really weird and spunky. It requires the HD mod. It’s worth it though! It gives Minecraft a complete and different funky feel! This pack is very new so I could not find any videos or pictures for it!

Get it here!

4. JohnSmith Texture Pack- This one as you can tell is made by John Smith. It requires the HD fix and is a very different kind of pack. I can’t really explain it. This video might help though.

Get it here!

5. KoP Texture Pack- This is a very cool texture pack that requires the HD fix. It is a very nice and smooth pack and is has a very unique feel and it was made in Sweden!

Check it out here!

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    Love it – the graphics are amazing.

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    good one

  4. Posted June 4, 2011 at 2:49 pm

    Wow, that texture pack really has some amazing features. Thanks for the share.

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    great one..

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