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Terraria, a 2D sidescroller/adventure/RPG/sandbox game with 16-bit-like graphics was released on Steam on the 16th May, 2011, for the same price Minecraft released at alpha stage, €9.99.

I’ve previously written about Minecraft, the 3D 8-bit like sandbox game that is quite popular nowadays.This time it’s about a similar game called Terraria.

Terraria, a 2D sidescroller/adventure/RPG/sandbox game with 16-bit-like graphics was released on Steam on the 16th May, 2011, for the same price Minecraft released at alpha stage, €9.99.

The gameplay is very similar to minecraft. You explore your world, mine blocks, craft things and fight monsters. The big difference is that Terraria already has far more content than Minecraft. There is loads of monsters that appear at both night and day, like Demon Eyes and Zombies at night and Slimes at day, and many more in dungeons and caves. There are even bosses, like the Eye of Cthulhu, the Skeletron and the Eater of Worlds. In total there is 28 different mobs, against Minecrafts 5.

There is a lot of weapons, about 47 different weapons sorted into categories like melee, explosives, magic, ranged nonmagic and flails. Tools are pretty much the same as in Minecraft, with axes, pickaxes, and hammers.

One of my caves

One of my caves

Another interesting feature is NPCs. There will be NPCs appearing after you met certain conditions (I haven’t been that far in the game yet), that will act as shops selling things like armor, weapons, potions and tools. They will move into houses you build after you have accomplished certain tasks, like killing a boss monster.

There are 9 different environments: Forests, Deserts, Underground, Underground Jungle,The Underworld, The Corruption, Meteorite, Dungeon and Floating Islands. I have only discovered forests and deserts yet, but I haven’t played for long yet.

The crafting system is much easier than the one in Minecraft, as you don’t have to remember recipes and look them up, you only have to press Esc to bring up your inventory and scroll to select what you want to craft. If you are standing near a workbench there will be a lot more items you can craft. Here is a list of items that can be crafted so far.

Crafting Items

Crafting Items

There is apparently a magic system in Terraria as well. You will get mana later on which you can use on spells and attacks.

As with Minecraft, you can play multiplayer on the same world too. I haven’t yet done it but I guess it will be the same concept as on Minecraft servers.

So far I think it is a pretty good game. I like Terraria more than I like Minecraft now, as there is more content in Terraria and I like the 2D side-scrolling world more. You can build much in Terraria too and because it has two layers, a foreground layer and a background layer, you can do houses and buildings quite nicely.

The game also reminds me a bit about an old game I used to play ages ago called Jazz Jackrabbit.

There is some stuff I don’t like though and I hope they will fix it later on: it’s 4:3 only at 800×600 resolution and there is no way to change the resolution. I got a screen with 1920×1080 resolution and it looks pretty crappy in fullscreen mode, which still is 800×600 pixels and large black bars at the side.

If you want to download free beta this game, then click here 

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